A healthy relationship between children and their parents or caregivers, is effective alcohol and drug prevention.

Strong&Clear seeks to support and guide parents on how to facilitate an alcohol and drug free adolescence.

Between the age of 13 to 17 most teenagers will have to take a stance concerning alcohol, and sometimes also cannabis. During these years, teenagers are more easily influenced by the people they hang out with.

On our parental meetings we offer parents important information and useful tools in order to support and strengthen them in their role as parents of adolescents and as role models.


We focus on positive reinforcement,
to support the positive trends that characterize teenagers these days; they consume less alcohol than teenagers did a decade ago and the majority report to have a good relationship to their parents.


In the course of three years at secondary school, parents are invited to participate in four parental meetings. On these meetings we talk about alcohol, cannabis, mental health, social media, setting boundaries,

recognition, motivation, and the role as nurturer. All the advice given in relation to these subjects, is professionally grounded and based on research.


On all our parental meetings, we emphasize the importance of good communication between parent and child/ teenager. At the same time we also emphasize that cooperation between parents both at home, but also between parents that have children in the same class or same school, is essential and necessary for effective alcohol and drug prevention. That is why we facilitate parental networking on our meeting.


All teenagers starting at a Strong& Clear-school are offered to sign a contract stating that they will not consume any alcohol or drugs during the three years at secondary school. Three years later they have to confirm that they have complied, and thereby participate in the draw to win 20 000kr (the equivalent of approx. 2000Euro) for driving lessons.


For more information, send an email to mirjeta.emini@iogt.no